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Rose Quartz is the stone of heart with pink essence representing love. It is meant for increasing the romance and peace between couples.

एक गुलाब क्वार्ट्ज पत्थर अपने आस-पास के सभी लोगों की मदद करने के लिए अपनी प्रेम ऊर्जा और कंपन को अपने आस-पास फैलाएगा, जैसे कि आपके निकटतम और प्रिय।

यदि आप जीवन के कठिन और कठिन दौर का सामना कर रहे हैं, यानी यदि आप अवसाद में हैं और जीवन में कुछ भावनात्मक टूटने लगे हैं तो गुलाब क्वार्ट्ज पत्थर आपके जीवन में बदलाव लाने में मददगार होगा।

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Energization: Free Energizaton by Acharya manu ji
Wearing a rose quartz bracelet is highly effective in bringing back the love and romance in your life. This stone is symbolic of the energy of love, peace and positive energy.

Benefits Of Rose Quartz with Tulsi Bracelet:

Tulsi leaves are an essential part in the worship of Vishnu and his avatars, including Krishna and Rama and hence, this Tulsi mala or bracelet is most recommended for chanting the Vishnu, Krishna & Rama Mantras.
This bracelet will make you look stylish and funky with other benefits also such as to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit, with the infinite source of power that this stone and tulsi embodies.
A Rose Quartz stone will spread out its love energy and vibrations into its surroundings to help all those who are nearby, such as your nearest and dearest ones.
If you are facing from a rough and tough phase of life that is, if you are in a depression and having some emotional breakdowns in life then a rose quartz stone would be helpful to bring a change in your life.

Why Purchase From Us?
This Rose Quartz with Tulsi bracelet available at is not only stylish and funky, but at the same time, it is energized by our esteemed astrologers to yield more benefits and effects in your life.

This is surely going to benefit you in all spheres of life by adding a dash of fashion and style to your life.

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