Shani Raksha Sutra bracelet helps native get blessings of Saturn planet or Shani Graha. It is adorned with Seven Faced Rudraksha and Parad (Solidified Mercury). Thus, it carries exceptional divine properties.

टी नौकरी और व्यापार में सफलता लाता है।
यह हृदय रोगों, मानसिक बीमारियों, अस्थमा और उच्च रक्तचाप के उपचार में मदद करता है।
यह तंत्रिका रोगों में बहुत सहायक माना जाता है।
इससे सकारात्मकता बढ़ती है / लाभप्रदता बढ़ाता है।



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Rudraksha – It is a seed of a fruit tree used in worshipping in Hinduism. It holds a significant place in religion as it is associated with Lord Shiva. These are used as beads to recite mantras or solely for astrological benefits. In any ways these are considered sacred. Rudraksha beads are found in Himalayas of India and Nepal.

Lord Shiva’s Vedic name is Rudra and Akṣa means ‘teardrops’. Thus, Rudraksha means Lord Rudra’s (Lord Shiva’s) teardrops.

Parad – It is solidified Mercury. Parad is used extensively in Vedic rituals. It again is associated with Lord Shiva. Thus, it is also considered a sacred element. It has many uses in Ayurveda too. It is said in religious texts of Hinduism that Parad liberates from all earthly faults.
Seven Face Rudraksha –
The ruling planet for Seven Face Rudraksha is Saturn or Shani. And ruling Goddess is Mahalakshmi. As the ruling Goddess is Mahalakshmi hence it is very beneficial for economic growth. It should be worn by people who are suffering from bone diseases, nerve ailments and other health issues. It also helps the wearer in living a happy life.

Who should wear Shani Raksha Sutra Bracelet?
It brings auspicious results for people of Capricorn and Aquarius Zodiac sign. But, it is beneficial for all other zodiac signs too. It creates a positive aura around the wearer. Thus it surely graces the wearer with auspicious results.

What are the common benefits of Shani Raksha Sutra?
The elements of the bracelet are associated with Shani Graha, Mahalakshmi and Lord Shiva himself. Thus, it helps in decreasing the negative impact of Saturn planet and brings blessings of Devi Lakshmi on the wearer’s life. And it also brings Lord Shiva’s blessings on the wearer. Here is a list of some benefits of Shani Kripa Sutra Bracelet –

The wearer is freed from the threats of thefts and frauds.
It brings success in job and business.
Increases profitability.
It helps in treatment of heart diseases, mental ailments, asthma, and high blood pressure.
It is considered very helpful in nerve ailments.
It increases positivity.
How to wear Shani Raksha Sutra Bracelet?
The native must remember Lord Shiva before wearing the auspicious bracelet. And he or she should recite Mata Lakshmi or Shani mantra before wearing it. Then pray to Lord to free from all negativity and bring auspicious results.

Why should you buy it from us?
We are trusted sellers of Vedic astrology elements. And we use authentic Rudraksha and Parad so that you receive positive results. Once ordered our  manu ji will energize the Bracelet for maximum benefits. Therefore, you will receive maximum benefits at the earliest.

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