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What Is Palm Reading Or Palmistry ? Know With Acharya Manu Ji-

Palmistry, also known as palm reading, chiromancy, or chirology, is the practice of fortune-telling through the study of the palm. The practice is found all over the world, with numerous cultural variations. Those who practice chiromancy are generally called palmists, hand readers, hand analysts, or chirologists.

Palmistry is the reading of the hand as most of the things are predefined and depends on the structure and line on the palm. Lines on the hands, mounts on palms, moles, and structures represent or signify something predefined events in the life of the person. We offer most genuine predictions and paths.

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Types Of Hands In Palm Reading: The Four Elements

There are four basic hand shapes within palmistry, each connected with a different element and its associated traits :

Earth Hands – Earth hands are identified by square palms and short fingers. These hands are often firm, solid, and fleshy. Individuals with earth hands are known to be practical, logical, and grounded.
Fire Hands – Fire Hands are identified by its long palm and short fingers. Individuals with fire hands are known to be passionate, confident, and industrious.
Air Hands – Air hands have square palms and long fingers and are often boney, with protruding knuckles and spindly fingers. This hand type signifies intellectually curious individuals with innate analytical abilities and communication skills.
Water Hands – Water hands are distinguished by their long palms and long fingers. These hands are often soft to the touch and a bit clammy, with an overall narrow appearance. Those who have them are in tune with their emotions, intuition, and psychic ability.

The Mounts And Plains In Palmistry-

Fleshy areas called mounts and plains are related to different life themes. The classic mounts correspond with the seven classical planets within astrology: Apollo (the sun), Luna (the moon), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Mount of Jupiter – Located at the base of the index finger (and above the Mount of Inner Mars), the Mount of Jupiter symbolizes confidence, ambition, and leadership.
Mount of Luna – The Mount of Luna symbolizes imagination, intuition, and psychic powers. Located toward the bottom of the palm on the pinky side, this area reveals an individual’s empathy, compassion, and imagination.
Mount of Venus – Located at the base of the thumb, the Mount of Venus is linked to love, sensuality, and attraction. This zone showcases natural magnetism, as well as an individual’s emotional connection to romance.
Inner Mars, Outer Mars, and the Plain of Mars – In palmistry, Mars covers a lot of ground. Inner Mars, is located above the thumb, and it symbolizes physical strength and bold tenacity. Outer Mars, represents perseverance and emotional bravery. The Plain of Mars occupies the lower center of the palm and demonstrates how these two aforementioned qualities are balanced. Read more…

What Is Lines In Palmistry-

The folds and creases of the palms, referred to as lines, are indeed used to form narratives and predict future happenings. The meanings of different lines are determined by analyzing their length, depth, and curvature.

  • Head Line
  • Life Line
  • Fate Line
  • Sun Line