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In Vedic Astrology Yellow Hakik is associated with Guru Brihaspati planet. Thus, Yellow Agate stone is prescribed for getting blessings of Jupiter. Guru or Jupiter planet affects the growth in life.
यह ब्रेसलेट पहनने वाले को आत्मविश्वास से भर देता है। उसे अब जीवन में किसी भी चुनौती का सामना करने का डर नहीं है।
लावा कंगन के साथ पीला हकीक पहनने वाले को ज्ञान और ज्ञान का आशीर्वाद देता है।


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At the same time Lava Pearl is said to be the power house of your Aura level. It functions as a immunity against diseases. Wearing Lava Pearl Bracelet brings spiritual, mental and emotional peace.

Benefits of Lava Beads Bracelet threaded with Yellow Hakik –
This bracelet is threaded with Yellow Agate and Lave Moti for maximum benefits. It not only looks beautiful but has some excellent astrological results for wearer.
This bracelet fills the wearer with confidence. He or she is not feared to face any challenges in life anymore.
Yellow Hakik with lava Bracelet blesses the wearer with wisdom and knowledge.
It is very useful to have relief from heart related diseases. Also, it supports healing therapy.
Lava Beads is used for physical treatments from hundreds of years.
If you are suffering from insomnia or experiencing frequent nightmares then you must place this mystical bracelet under your pillow. And this will help you in sound sleep and nightmares will vanish.
This beautiful bracelet will help you make a fashion statement and will support you to get rid of poverty.
This bracelet will balance your aura and energy flow in your body.
People from any generation can wear this bracelet. It creates a protective shield around you making you immune from diseases.
How is this Bracelet made?
Yellow Agate & Lava Beads are adorned in this enchanted bracelet for maximum benefits to you. A small statue of Lord Buddha gives it a fashion sense which makes it wearable by all age group people. The wearer of this bracelet receives quick results.

Why to buy Yellow Haki with Lava Beads Bracelet from us?
Merikundli is a trusted name in field of Astrological Research. Our expert Acharya manu ji energizes the bracelet for you once you have placed the order. Thus, you receive maximum benefits in quick time.

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