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Turquoise Stone (Firoza) gets its name from its mesmerizing sky blue greenish colour although it is found in other shades of blue or green too. It is popularly known as Firoza ratna in Vedic astrology.

मनोरंजन उद्योग में लोगों के लिए यह फ़िरोज़ा कंगन (फ़िरोज़ा) बहुत प्रभावी है। यदि कोई व्यक्ति प्रसिद्धि और लाइमलाइट अर्जित करना चाहता है तो उसे यह फ़िरोज़ा कंगन अवश्य पहनना चाहिए।


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Irrespective of being a semi precious stone Firoza ratna holds a significant place in Vedic Astrology. It is a very attractive and beautiful stone. Thus, with growing fashion trends it has a substantial demand for making jewelry. However, it is difficult to find original and ancient Firoza stone.

There are no malefic effects of wearing Firoza Stone and every zodiac sign individual can wear it.

What are the benefits of wearing Firoza Bracelet?

This Turquoise Bracelet (Firoza) is very effective for people in entertainment industry. If anyone individual willing to earn fame and limelight then he or she must wear this Turquoise bracelet.
It works as a protective force against evil eye, negative energies and witchcraft.
This bracelet boosts confidence and brings positivity in thoughts of the wearer.
Firoza bracelet increases fame and respect of the wearer in society.
It the effects of Turquoise bracelet profits in business start to increase.

It is very beneficial for people suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney diseases or ailments related to eyes.
If there is a disease related to the heart, blood pressure, kidney or eyes, then this gemstone must definitely bear the benefits.
If the marital life is filled with tension or distrust then Husband and Wife must exchange and wear this bracelet in any auspicious time. This will help in strengthening the bond and love increases.
It is extremely auspicious to gift this bracelet to friends or relatives. It not only removes the misunderstandings but increases love and care too.
Wearing this bracelet increases intellect and memory increases. Therefore it must be worn by students.

How to wear Firoza Bracelet?
This bracelet holding the Firoza gemstone must be worn on Thursday or on Saturday. It could also be worn on any auspicious time of Saturn or Jupiter after worshipping them. This way the wearer will receive positive results.

Why you should buy Turquoise Bracelet from us?
This bracelet has been energized by our experienced Astrologer Acharya manu ji . This will give you auspicious results soon and help you get the blessings of Saturn and Jupiter.



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