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Tiger Eye Stone Mala is very beautiful to see. The stone earned its name from the resemblance with eye of a tiger. This astrological remedy brings positivity in life.

टाइगर स्टोन माला का उपयोग विशेष रूप से काले जादू और भूतों से सुरक्षा के रूप में किया जाता है।
यह चमत्कारी माला पहनने वाले को बुरी नजर से बचाती है।
यह पहनने वाले के जीवन के साथ-साथ उसके परिवार में भी सकारात्मकता लाता है।
यह रत्न शनि और बृहस्पति ग्रह का है। इसलिए इसका उपयोग इन ग्रहों के दुष्प्रभाव को कम करने और उनके शुभ फल को बढ़ाने में किया जाता है।

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Benefits of Tiger Eye Stone Mala-

Tiger Stone Mala is especially used as a protection against black magic and ghosts.
This miraculous garland protects the wearer from evil eyes.
It brings positivity in the life of wearer as well as in his family.
This stone belongs to the Saturn and Jupiter planet. Therefore, it is used in reducing the ill effects of these planets and increases their auspicious results.
If you are always fearful of unknown reasons then you must wear Tiger Eye Mala. Wearing this mala in neck relieves the wearer from bad dreams and gives him courage.
Tiger Eye Mala fills the wearer with enthusiasm. The energy filled native is determined to achieve his goals.

This Mala is very effective for people who are facing trouble in getting married. They start getting right proposals for marriage and they soon settle down after wearing Tiger Eye Mala.
This Mala has the ability to bless childless couples with children. Thus, such couples must wear this Mala.
This garland develops creativity in the wearer. Its divine powers give success in work.

This Mala develops leadership qualities in the wearer. It must be worn by people willing to enter leadership roles
People who find themselves trapped in debt must wear this Mala. This will free them from any kind of loan


 Get Tiger Eye Stone Mala-
You can buy this Mala from Merikundli. This is sent to you only after being energized by our experienced Acharya manu ji. This ensures that you receive full benefits of the Mala soon.


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