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This auspicious Bhairav Lakshmi Mala is made to get the blessings of Bhairav ​​Dev, Mata Lakshmi and Brihaspati Dev together. It is made of mixture of Crystal, Tiger Eye and Turquoise stone.

यह भैरव लक्ष्मी माला फ़िरोज़ा मोतियों को भी सुशोभित करती है। यदि आपकी ज्योतिष कुंडली में बृहस्पति और शनि ग्रह कमजोर स्थिति में हैं तो आपको फिरोजा रत्न धारण करना चाहिए। यह रत्न बृहस्पति ग्रह का स्थानापन्न रत्न है। इस प्रकार, फिरोजा से सजी माला पहनने से आपको बृहस्पति और शनि के नकारात्मक प्रभावों को दूर करने में मदद मिलेगी।

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Rhinestone or Crystal is very dear to Lakshmi. It is known as Sphatik in Hindi. It is believed that chanting mantras using a Mala with Crystal in it gets the blessings of Goddess Laxmi.

Similarly, Tiger Eye Stone beads are also added to this garland. It keeps negative energies away from the wearer and saves him from black magic and ghosts. It also saves the wearer from evil spirits.

This Bhairav Lakshmi Mala also adorns Turquoise beads. If Brihaspati and Shani Grah are in a weak position in your astrology chart then you should wear Firoza ratna. This stone is a substitute stone for Jupiter planet. Thus, wearing a Mala adorned with Firoza will help you overcome negative effects of Jupiter and Saturn.

It is believed that Bhairav ​​Lakshmi Mala creates protective armour around you keeping you safe from every trouble.
Here are some benefits of Bhairav ​​Lakshmi Mala –

This Mala is very helpful in protection from black magic and ghosts. It keeps negative energies away from you and also protects you from evil eyes.
This Mala gives you internal strength to fight evil energies.
The wearer of this garland becomes courageous and is protected by enemies.
Wearing this Mala removes poverty and it also brings prosperity in the house.

Your work starts yielding profit with effect of Bhairav Laxmi Mala.
Honour and respect of the wearer in society after wearing this Mala.
This garland must be worn by students. It develops intellectual capacity in them and protects them from Negativity.
If you are suffering from ailments related to Blood Pressure, Kidneys, Heart or Eyes then wearing this Mala will bring you relief from the diseases.
How Bhairav Lakshmi Mala is made-
Bhairav Lakshmi Mala is made by using Crystal, Turquoise and Tiger Eye beads. Additionally, it adorns Hands of Goddess Lakshmi as statue. The combination of all these makes it a divinely influential on the wearer. The wearer starts receiving blessings very soon.

Why you should take it from us-
Each Mala is energized by our renowned Astrologers using sacred Vedic mantras before shipping. This is to ensure that you start receiving blessings soon. Thus, you should buy this from Merikundli.

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