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Lava pearl is also adorned in this Grah Shanti Mala. It is the energy center located at the aura level of our body, which protects us from various diseases. Wearing Lava Pearl is helpful in receiving spiritual, mental and emotional peace.

This is a very mystical Mala. Let’s know about its benefits-
This Mala will protect you from any conspiracies planned against you by your enemies. Apart from this, you may also score a win over them.
If you are not able to achieve success due to lack of confidence then this Mala will help you. It boosts confidence in the wearer.
Those people who accept defeat before even before reaching any decision, such people must wear this Mala. It improves the decision making power.
Shani Sade Sati is a phase of life which affects everyone. If you are passing through this phase then you must wear this Grah Shanti Mala. Wearing this Mala will help in reducing the malefic effects of Shani grah in wearer’s life. It could also be worn during the phases of Shani Mahadasha and Antardasha.
The mystical powers of this Mala fill the wearer with new energy. It develops immunity to fight diseases. Thus, the wearer is freed from any diseases. Also, it opens new doors of good fortune in life and strength.
If you want to achieve mental, physical and financial well-being, then you must get this Mala without a doubt.
It is considered the best astrological remedy for people having confidence problem. If someone is always worried of no particular reasons then this Mala will surely help him get over anxiety.
How Grah Shanti Mala is made-
This amazing garland is made from Firoza (turquoise stone), Lal Hakeek (Red Agate), Jamunia (Amethyst or Kathela), Lava Beads, Jasper stone and Green Hakeek (Green Agate) which brings benefits to the holder soon.

Buy Grah Shanti Mala
Merikundli will provide you authentic Grah Shanti Mala. We will send this Mala to you after our Acharya manu ji energizes it using sacred Vedic Mantras. This will get you maximum benefits of the Mala soon.


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