This rosary consists of Rudraksha, Volcano ash, Sfatik, Agate and is chanted upon by the mantras of Shiva, Lakshmi, Venus, and Jupiter.

इसे पहनने से प्रतिद्वंद्विता समाप्त हो जाएगी, सभी काला जादू, बुरी नजर के प्रयास निष्फल हो जाएंगे और कर्ता को अपने ही बुरे कर्मों का सामना करना पड़ेगा।
आप शत्रुओं और अपने घर पर जीत हासिल करेंगे, व्यापार को दैवीय सुरक्षा मिलेगी।
देवी लक्ष्मी आप पर कृपा करेंगी और आपके घर में धन और वस्तुओं की कमी नहीं होगी।

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Bead Name : 5 Mukhi Rudraksha +Volcano Ash+Sfatik+Red Agate+White Agate+Black Agate+Vaijaynti+Yellow Agate+Green Agate
No. Of Beads: 108 Beads
Beads Size : ~8mm
Rosary length: ~20Inch
Energization : Pt. Suraj Shastri
Wearing this will not only bring prosperity but will also remove the evil eye done upon you by your rivals or jealous people.
Benefits of Shree Aadi shakti Rosary:

Wearing this will eliminate rivalry, all black magic, evil eye attempts will be get nullified and the doer will suffer his own bad deeds.
You will win over enemies and your home, business will get divine protection.
Goddess Lakshmi will bless you and there will be no dearth of money and articles in your home.
The evil effects of Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu will not be able to affect you. The agate stones which are chanted by tantric method will give you protection.
Wearing this will cause reverse effect on people who will try to do black magic etc on you. Surely, the one who will wear this will get divine fruits.
Why Buy From Us:
Our panditji who has practiced mantras and tantra in Himalayan valley chants the mantras on this rosary 11,000 times and only after that it is sent to you.

We do not send it until unless we are satisfied ourselves.
It is made with very high quality stones to give best effect.

How to wear:
After receiving this rosary, keep it in a clean and dry place. In the night of coming Saturday between 10 to 12 pm light up incense and roam in the whole house to spread the fragrance.

Keep this rosary on a red cloth and do tika, and give dhoop to this rosary and shower Ganges water on it.

Move across all your house keeping this in your hand and then in front of either Goddes Kali ji or Goddes Durgaji take oath that you will always do good deeds and will never do bad things and then repeat as written here “May all evil get destroyed and me and my family, job and business run always smoothly”

After saying this wear this Shree Aadi Shakti rosary.

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