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Rudraksha is a Sanskrit/Hindi word. It is formed by amalgamation of two words ‘Rudra’ meaning ‘Shiva’ and ‘Aksha’ meaning tears. In fact Rudraksha is considered to have divine powers of Shiva himself.

माला प्रामाणिक 1-14 मुखी रुद्राक्ष की माला से बनी है। इन मोतियों को चांदी की धातु में पिरोया जाता है। चाँदी का संबंध चंद्रमा से है जो मन का कारक है
जैसा कि हमने पहले चर्चा की है कि प्रत्येक रुद्राक्ष के अलग-अलग लाभ होते हैं। और इन पर विभिन्न ग्रहों और देवताओं का शासन है। इसलिए इस माला को धारण करने से बहुत लाभ होता है। आपको भगवान शिव और चंद्रमा की कृपा मिलेगी।

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It is said that in Kalyuga Lord Shiva could be pleased by the devotees soon. He protects his devotees from all negativity and threats. A Rudraksh creates protective armour around the wearer which protects him or her from all troubles.

The Rudraksha beads range from 1 to 21 faced. However, only 1-14 faced Rudrakshas must be worn. Each of them is ruled by different Gods and planets. And thus, their benefits are different from one another.

Chandra Shakti Rudra Mala.
You can benefit from wearing this Mala made of 1-14 faced Rudraksha beads. This will get you the blessings of Lord Shiva and save you from any trouble.
How is this Mala made?
The Mala is made of authentic 1-14 faced Rudraksha beads. These beads are threaded in Silver metal. Silver is associated with Moon which is the contributor of mind. And Lord Shiva places Moon in his head. Thus, Shiva is the also the Lord of Moon. Therefore, if you worship Shiva you will be blessed with positive moon too.

Why you should wear Chandra Shakti Rudra Mala?
As we have discussed earlier that each Rudraksha hold different benefits. And these are ruled by different planets and Gods. Therefore, the benefits of wearing this Mala are enormous. You will get blessings of Lord Shiva and Moon. And you will be blessed with positive effects of Jupiter, Mars, Ganesha, Kartikeya, Saptarishi, Durga, Bhairav, Lord Vishnu, Srikantha and Lord Hanuman too.
Who can wear this Mala?
This Mala has no malefic effects. Therefore, it is recommended for anyone who wants to have blessings of Lord Shiva. The wearer will surely be benefited from it.
What are the benefits of Chandra Shakti Rudra Mala?

Chandra Shakti Rudra Mala could be worn by anyone for benefits. Each faced Rudraksha holds different properties and different benefits. The Mala is adorned with all faced Rudraksha in Silver. Thus, the wearer is blessed with many benefits. Some are listed below –

The wearer is exempted from all the sins.
The protective aura of the Mala saves the wearer from evil and accidents.
The wearer attains peace of mind.- Relaxation from fear and anxiety is also a benefit of this Mala.
By the auspicious effects of this Mala Vastu Dosh of the home are removed.
The confidence of the wearer is boosted.

Wearer is saved from various diseases related to gynecology, gestational, infections, eye problems, Kidney etc.
It blesses the wearer with prosperity and wealth.

Honour in society is also increased.
This Mala is also beneficial in physical weakness and impotence.
This Mala should be worn by people suffering from stones, jaundice, phlegm, lungs diseases, heart problems, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Where to buy Chandra Shakti Rudra Mala?
At Merikundli we believe in providing the best to you. We use authentic beads. Each Mala is energized by our experienced Acharya manu ji before delivery to you. You may make an order at our website or call on given numbers.

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