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Benefits of Shree Laxmi Kuber Yantra –

यह यंत्र उन लोगों को लाभान्वित करता है जो हमेशा कर्ज के मुद्दों और व्यापार में नुकसान का सामना कर रहे हैं।
घर/कार्यालय में इस यंत्र की स्थापना मात्र से ही नकारात्मक ऊर्जा का स्थान सकारात्मक हो जाता है।
यंत्र घर/कार्यालय में धन के प्रवाह को बढ़ाता है और व्यापार को भी लाभ पहुंचाता है।

हमारे विशेष चांदी के सिक्के को पैसे की तिजोरी में रखने से यह सुनिश्चित होता है कि पैसे से संबंधित मुद्दे हमेशा दूर रहें।
कुबेर यंत्र को पूर्व दिशा की ओर रखने से निवेश पर अच्छा रिटर्न मिलने की संभावना बढ़ जाती है।
लक्ष्मीनारायण अंगूठी घर या ऑफिस में वास्तु के मुद्दों को ठीक करती है


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Shree Laxmi Kuber Yantra has 100% genuine Silver Coin having Goddess Laxmi Beej Mantra engraved on one side along with Goddess Laxmi herself.
The other side of the coin has Shree Yantra engraved, making the coin totally unique and more powerful.

Gold Plated Laxminarayan Ring made with five metals and Kuber Yantra are also part of this yantra package.

Shree Laxmi Kuber Yantra is beneficial and miraculous. Negative energies in the home are fixed just by establishing this yantra and it add-on to happiness and money. It even helps to fix the debt issues.

Shree Laxmi Kuber Yantra is so powerful that it removes the darkness from our life and enlighten us with positivity.
Benefits of Shree Laxmi Kuber Yantra –

This yantra benefits those who are always facing debt issues and loss in business.
With just the establishment of this yantra in home/office, negative energy is replaced with the positive.
The yantra increases the money flow in home/office and also benefit the business.

Keeping our special Silver coin in the money vault keeps ensures that money-related issues are always at a distance.
Keeping the Kuber Yantra facing the East direction increases the possibilities of getting a good return on investment.
Laxminarayan ring fixes the Vaastu issues in home or office.

In short, establishing Shree Laxmi Kuber Yantra in home or office fixes every money-related issues and maintaining a happy and positive environment around. Additionally, it helps in fixing every issue causing the shortage of money in the vault.

Why buy from us?
This Shree Laxmi Kuber Yantra is energised with your name by our experienced Acharya manu ji taking blessings from holy river Ganga. The energisation process makes this yantra more powerful ensuring you get the maximum benefit.



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